From country of Oz to La La Land!

    The musical is a separate theatrical and musical genre that is in demand all over the world! The most successful musicals have been shown for decades on Broadway in New York and the West End in London, Paris, Rome and many other world capitals and major cities. The box office receipts of such musicals are already legendary, and they number in the billions. Many artists participating in the premieres of these productions later gain worldwide popularity.

    In musical productions, the main credit goes not only to the composer, librettist and director, but also to the producer, who brings the theatrical and artistic concept to life. In fact, to stage a serious musical requires not only funding in the tens of millions of euros, but also the well-coordinated work of a huge creative team! In Eastern European countries, the rights to many musicals belong to the world-famous company Stage Entertainment, whose head office is based in Amsterdam (the company deals not only with the distribution of musicals, theatrical productions, shows and concerts, but also with their production. It also owns about 20 theatres located in Western European countries).


    In the second half of the 20th century, musicals began to be filmed, attracting millions of viewers at premieres. Some songs from musicals then “go to the people” and are covered in various concert programs.

    The luminary of this genre can be considered the Englishman Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has scored music for more than 30 musicals, some of which occupy the first lines of the list of the highest grossing musicals of all time (“Phantom at the Opera”, “Cats”, “Evita”, etc. )! It even has its own theatres in the West End and on Broadway. And the most successful producer in this genre is considered to be another Englishman, Cameron Mackintosh, who has participated in the creation of such famous musicals as “The Phantom in the Opera”, “Les Miserables”, “Cats”, “Hamilton”, etc.

    I would especially like to mention French musicals, the revolutionary role in the creation of which was played by the French-Canadian musical Notre Dame de Paris, staged by composer Riccardo Cocciante and librettist Luc Plamondon in 1998 (preparations for the premiere took 5 years), as well as “Romeo and Juliet”, the music and libretto for which was written by Gerard Presgurvic.

    You can write a lot about the genre of musicals and about the difficult history of their creation, but we will focus your attention on those musicals that we will be able to premiere in Latvia.

    Unfortunately, some of the world's musicals have sets of such sizes that they cannot fit on any theatre stage both in Latvia and other Baltic countries, therefore, in order to bring original sets, you will have to build special expensive stages in open space, but the fundamental factor This will be achieved by the desire of a large number of spectators to attend a performance of such a musical in order to enjoy what they saw and remember it for a long time. First, we will try to bring to Riga those musicals that can be placed in existing indoor venues, and then, as audience interest grows, we will consider the Great Stage in Mezaparks.







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